Marvel Core: NPW

Adobe Next Gen Prod

Working as part of the Adobe Next Generation Products team, I was given the task to design the NPW (New Project Workflow) for the project Marvel (a.k.a. Adobe Spark) a Cloud based Visual Storytelling web app.

The project consisted in creating a very simple experience, from the onboarding process to the project organizer, and subsequentely designing the entire pattern library and UI Style Guide.

The mission was to simplify the whole experience reducing complexity, targeting new non-professional (deliberate) users.

"As opposed to starting a project by asking users to select a format (video, graphic, story), prompt them through the creative process by determining their primary audience and problem(s) they are attempting to solve or achieve."

The main goal was to align different apps and respect their own branding, user experience and UI. A variety of concepts was presented to the main stakeholders and a MVP parity mode with the iOS app version was chosen.

  • Category: Web App
  • Client: Adobe Systems
  • Delivered: 2015